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BluMeUSB Optimizer

for Blue & Me USB flashdrives Finally get all your MP3s to play!

BluMeUSB is a windows program that will repair any problems with your USB drive.

Version 7.4 now available. download program Obtain registration code here. (The software is updated constantly so feel free to download again: your registration remains intact)

(For download you are redirected to the Google Drive site. Google has very nifty anti-virus scanners so you can be certain the file is safe)

We received this mail from Neil:

I purchased your software back in February when I bought my Alfa and I honestly don't know what I would have done without it. 

For such a great program, that works so well and for you to only charge 5 Euro it has been invaluable to my Alfa ownership.  Every time I have forgotten to run your program after adding a few tracks to my stick, the Blue & me just ignores them half of the time and the thought of amending every single ID tag sends doesn't bear thinking about.

So, thanks again for such a great program!!!.....Full kudos to you sir!



Thank you to registered users from:

Felixdorf Austria,Savona Italy, São Paulo Brazil,Schöffengrund Germany, Utrecht Netherlands, Spydeberg Norway, Wallsall UK, Sofia Bulgary, Norway, Greece, Australia.

My Fiat 500 has "Blue&Me", an onboard computer that does things like connecting your Bluetooth phone and playing music from a USB stick. The same unit is used in several other Fiat and Alfa Romeo models. It works great !

That is, most of the time it works great. Not all MP3 files play directly and the car display shows only a limited character set. Also when you download from the internet a lot of extra bytes, like album covers, song lyrics and such are copied as well.

If you use a USB drive with a hundred titles, chances are that half of them will never get played because the Blue&Me system doesn't recognize them.

Also you could have put an extra 20 tracks on the flash drive if the superfluous files, album covers and song lyrics hadn't taken up so much space.

This is what BLUMEUSB7 does for you! Without having to fiddle with any other MP3 utilities!

It is an MP3 optimizer especially for Blu & Me. To be technical, it converts ID3v2 tags and APE tags to the ID3v1 standard that the Blue&Me system can read.

  • This version has support for English, Italian, German, French and Dutch users.
  • It also puts the track number in the title, so that music from one album plays sequentially
  • The "rename" option sorts all mp3 files in music/artist/album/directories
  • and new in v7.0: you can set GAIN info so that all music will sound at the same volume.
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BluMeUSB should be used on USB flashdrives containing music files (and EcoDrive information). If you use the option "delete files" then all other files will be deleted.

Registration: 5,00

Download BLUMEUSB7  Get your Registration Code.

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